OpenRounds is a free, members-only website that allows vetted club members to inquire about golf privileges and arrange tee times at other private clubs, locally or when traveling.
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OpenRounds is designed to help improve the country club experience for golf club members and make it simple for staff and club officials to conduct and monitor reciprocity activities.

The appeal of the platform is twofold. Private golf club members realize additional value from their dues payments and club operating budgets benefit from higher guest revenues. Meanwhile the reciprocal-play process is streamlined and facilitated, satisfying members’ requests for access to other fine courses.

OpenRounds is a proven way to enhance the variety of courses available and bring continuity to the private golf club experience when members are traveling, or when their home courses are closed for play. OpenRounds is completely discretionary for the home club and is fully respectful of the preferred tee-time status of the club’s own members.

Members and club operators alike are able to control a menu of settings within the platform, allowing them to use OpenRounds as little or as much as desired.

Within the OpenRounds system, members can schedule or request tee times, as well as take initiative to host a round, or join a twosome or threesome already being hosted on the network. Clubs on OpenRounds will host your tee time at their discretion, and separately members are able to host each other as they would through an informal network.

Members of private golf clubs should register with OpenRounds. If your club has a direct relationship with OpenRounds, you’ll gain access to the site immediately.

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