What is a designee, and what is the benefit?

Designees are people close to you that you nominate to help manage your request and booking activity on OpenRounds on your behalf.

A designee is someone you choose to grant requesting privileges to on your behalf, without having to provide your account login information. They will have the ability to create a separate account linked to your profile, and have dedicated login credentials on OpenRounds.com, as an extension of your profile.

All activity on the site by the designee, including but not limited to requests submitted and messages sent, will be reflected as if they were done with your account. Designees can browse, book, send messages, and pay for rounds, all on your behalf.

If you are particularly busy with work or travel or otherwise, or simply prefer some assistance with your bookings, it can be helpful to add a spouse/partner, assistant, or another person you trust to manage your requests and bookings through OpenRounds.

Learn how to add a new designee.