Why was my request to join OpenRounds denied?

Possible reasons why your access to OpenRounds was not granted:

1) You are a member of a club that is not yet affiliated with OpenRounds. If this is the case, you can help get your club involved. All it takes is for a member of the OpenRounds team to hold a short demo with the professional staff at your club to help form a partnership. Introductions by members to their home club's professional staff generally help immensely in starting that conversation at the club. Once a partnership has been formed, you will be able to gain access to the website in full and book rounds at your leisure. You can also reach out to the OpenRounds team to ask them to directly contact your professional staff if you are not comfortable providing an introduction to OpenRounds.

2) You are a member of a club that is not private. OpenRounds is a network of strictly private clubs. We are unable to accept applications from non-private club members.

3) You have a social membership at a private club, but do not have a golf membership. OpenRounds access is only granted to those with active golf memberships at their clubs.

4) Your membership is not up to date. If you believe your membership has been renewed/reactivated, and should be approved for access to OpenRounds, please ask your golf professional to contact us to have you approved/reinstated.